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About Us

Truehart Productions is a nonprofit corporation formed in 2019 for the sole purpose of producing a documentary during this critical time when so many are struggling to understand the racial disparities that exist in our country. We are making a documentary that will reveal the prevalence of slavery during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries and its lasting effects throughout New Jersey during the 20th century.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Truehart Productions’ mission is to deeply research New Jersey’s history of slavery and to focus on creating a film that will educate and enthrall viewers by providing a description of the enslaved African American’s experience in New Jersey and the lasting effects on their community today. Only when slavery in New Jersey is brought to light can we begin to understand the African American experience, and only then will New Jersey begin to heal from the pain that it caused. The documentary will also inform the public of the fact that New Jersey depended profoundly on enslaved people to drive agricultural and economic growth, and that New Jersey was sympathetic to the south and was the last of the Northeastern states to eliminate this heinous practice.


Documentary Reach

It is our sincere intent to reach the following audiences with the content of this documentary:

  • New Jersey’s public broadcasting stations.

  • The general population of New Jersey and members of the community interested in helping to reduce prejudice and improve intergroup relations.​​

  • Middle school, secondary education and university decision-makers who can positively affect the integration of the documentary into the scholastic curriculum by means of classroom or assembly-style viewing.


  • Libraries, museums and community organizations.


The geographic areas served by this project will be the areas of New Jersey where slavery existed, from Cape May County to Bergen County.

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